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Wesco Microscope

Wesco XSP-103B Professional Binocular Biological Lab Microscope Home School


wesco compound microscope


Wesco Binocular Zoom Microscope With 1X And 3X Stereo Observation Body 3330? New


Wesco Bio VU 2300 Binocular Microscope with 4 SP-Achromat Objectives


Abco 862032 Tabletop Microscope


Wesco XSP-103B Professional Laboratory Binocular Biological Microscope


NEW WESCO 661-295-5040 MICROSCOPE (94571-1 JRO) LOC. AA-24


Vintage Wesco Binocular Microscope No. 103287 W/ Objectives, Eyepieces And Case


USED !Wesco CxL Binocular LED Microscope Laboratory Microscopy.


Wesco Microscope Head 3x with Two WF10X Eyepieces


Wesco Microscope Frame Base


Wesco Stereo Microscope Head w/ 2 WF10X Eyepieces




Wesco Microscope Halogen Light Power Supply Model ET201-6B 0-6V20W


Wesco ET201-6B Power Supply for Halogen Light Source Microscope


WESCO 0.3x-0.12x Microscope Camera with R640 Controller & Power Supply


Wesco ET201-6B, Microscope Halogen Light Power Supply, 0-6V20W


WESCO Microscope CXRII 4x To 100x optics See pictures and details


Wesco FH-B-1 30W Binocular Microscope w/ 4x Magnifying Lenses + 2x Eyepiece


Wesco Laboratory Inverted Microscope Adjustable Light XY Stage Holder Stand Base




Wesco Lab Inverted Microscope Adjustable Light Stand Base +Lamp and Turret




R164782 WESCO 78063 Ocular Lab Microscope w/ 4 Objectives 40x 10x 4x 100x


Wesco Bio VU 2300 Microscope 4 OBJECTIVES


Wesco BIO VU-2700 Inverted Microscope MIAMI


Wesco 100/1.25 Laboratory Microscope Objective Lens Attachment


Wesco 40/0.65 Laboratory Microscope Objective Lens Attachment


Wesco Microscopes 4 0.10 4x/0.10na Lab Optical Microscope Objective


Wesco FH-B-1 30W Binocular Microscope w/ 4x Magnifying Lenses + 1x Eyepiece