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Cambo Master Plus View Camera Kit back studio rail Camera Extras As Is


Cambo 4X5 SCIIRS View Camera Body


Cambo Wide WRS 1200 w/Cambo WRE CA Canon EF Lens Mount and Phase One XF adapter


Cambo SC 4x5 Spring Back Frame Grid Ground Glass Screen


Cambo Actus Copal 1 Lens Plate


New Cambo/Calumet 4x5 VIew Camera Fresnel lens


+EX-Calumet Cambo 4 X5 larger camera & Fujinon 210mm/f1:5.6 L-Copal lens


Cambo Wide 650 + Schneider-Kreuznach Super-Angulon 65mm F/5.6 MC Lens #23420 E1


Cambo SC View Camera Standard Rail


Cambo SC Tripod Clamp Mount


Cambo SCS 9’ Camera Stand




Interesting 4x5 or 120 Portrait film camera CAMBO polaroid Maxiportrait big shot


Cambo SC-2 SC2 4x5 Monorail View Camera


Cambo SF Super Field 4X5 Technical Camera w/ Schneider 210mm F5.6 Lens + Holders


2 Genuine Made in Holland Cambo Lens Boards


Cambo SC 4X5 Camera with Fuji W 150mm F5.6 Lens + Holders


- Cambo Wide 470 Camera, Schneider 47mm Lens + Roll Film Backs (av)


Cambo Wide 470 4x5 Film Camera w/ Super-Angulon 47mm F5.6 Lens Excellent+++


Cambo Ultima D 4X5 Technical Camera (for film or digital capture)


Cambo 4x5 View Camera


Cambo 45SF 4x5 w/150mm f/5.6 Nikkor-W Lens, Bag & Pleated Bellows, Lens Hood


Cambo Technical Camera With Schneider Kreuznach Lens And Storage case


Cambo 45SF 4x5 w/90mm f/8 Super-Angulon, Bag & Pleated Bellows, Fitted Case


Cambo SC2 4x5 Monorail View Camera+Lensboard - LARGE FORMAT STARTER COPAL NO. 1 


Cambo 4x5 Large Format View Camera, Case, Polaroid Back + MORE


Cambo Master Plus PC 5x7 View Camera Kit 4x5 back studio rail


Cambo 4x5 Film Cameras lots of extras


Cambo Legend 4x5 View Camera  Excellent Condition with many extras, 


Calumet Cambo 5x7 view camera


Calumet Cambo Monorail with Caltar II-E 210mm F/6.8 Lens & Accessories


Cambo Ultima D Large Format Body with Calumet Hard Case and 3 Lenses


Cambo 4X5 Monorail Large Format View Camera , FILM


Cambo Reduction Back Set - 4x5 and 5x7


Cambo SC 4x5 Monorail Film Camera With Case & Accessories


Cambo Ultima D




Cambo 4" x 5" View Camera Complete with Lenses and travel case!


Cambo WDS WRS WRC Camera Canon EF Lens Adapter phase one hasselblad digital back


Cambo Wide 650 4x5 Camera With Viewfinder, Schneider Super-Angulon 5.6/65 MC


CAMBO SC II 4X5 Large Format Monorail Camera W/Case And Extras In EUC